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Serving Canada from coast to coast.
  • Light

    Designed to illuminate &

    Valmont Structures Canada Lighting 

    Valmont crafts an amazing array of outdoor light poles and towers. Standard, decorative and custom designs are available for street, highway, sports and area lighting applications. Learn more.

  • Engineered

    Developed to go with 
    the flow.

    Valmont Structures Canada Transportation

    Facilitating the safe, efficient flow of vehicles and pedestrians, Valmont engineers and produces a wide range of transportation structures, including traffic light signal poles. Learn more.

  • Wireless
    Poles &

    supporting strong signals
    with durable designs

    Valmont Structures Canada Wireless

    The Microflect™, PiRod® and Valmont Structures offering of wireless towers and monopoles are renowned for providing expert engineering and durable designs which serve as the backbone for modern wireless communications. Learn more.

  • Expert

    Providing Peace of Mind
    with safety inspections   

    Valmont Structures Canada Shared Services 

    Matco Services provides pole safety inspections and a wide range of advanced technical services which enable customers to gain an increased understanding of the structural integrity of their installed poles, towers and other essential infrastructure. Learn more.

  • Roadway

    designed to go the extra

    Valmont Structures Canada Sign Structures

    Transportation sign structures and commercial sign poles are designed by Valmont engineers for durability and long-lasting performance. Learn more.

  • Custom

    turning dreams into

    Valmont Structures Canada Custom Solutions

    Transforming innovative concepts into remarkable achievements, Valmont technical experts custom engineer light poles, transportation structures, community gateways, sign structures and much more. Learn more.

  • Decorative

    natural beauty to enhance
    any environment

    Valmont Structures Canada Decorative Wood Poles

    Valmont Structures offers wood lamp post and light pole designs ideal for most any landscape. Learn more.

Valmont Structures Canada is time-proven and trusted in the Canadian lighting and transportation markets. Together, with the support of our West Cost Engineering brand, we serve Canadian customers from coast to coast.

With design engineering and manufacturing operations in Eastern and Western Canada, as well as additional Valmont engineers and production facilities in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia; we know of no other Canadian light pole manufacturer equaling our unique combination of global resources and local expertise.

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